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"Workshops are a great way of bringing musicians together and help cement friendships whilst improving ensemble/playing skills"

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  1. ARTS AWARD IN A DAY: workshop in association with Trinity College London. These workshops can be tailored to schools individual needs/wants and pupils will receive a certificate once assessed. It's a great way to get students involved with different aspects of the arts: £400 for the day for 2 tutors

  2.  JAZZABBLE:  an ensemble/voice improvisation workshop focussing on the basics of improvisation. This can either be a half day or full day session or indeed a course of improvisation sessions over 1/2 a term or the whole term. Students must be able to play 5 notes or more. Half day: £175 Full day: £295. Free E-Books and backing tracks provided.

  3. SPECIAL NEEDS: music workshops run by Michelle which are totally bespoke and tailored to student's needs. A programme of workshops can be put together for half a term/full term or individual sessions can be booked. Price on application

  4. LIVE MUSIC: We also do concerts! Our Children's Movie music since the 40's is a firm favourite with powerpoint presentation/clips/singing and fun fun fun! It lasts approximately 1 hour: £180

  5. ENSEMBLES both tutors have wide ranging experience of rehearsing , conducting and performing both small and large groups. Let us help you set up a school ensemble and provide the music, staffing and fun with memorable concerts at the end of term.

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