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  1. Lessons affected by pandemics and natural disasters will be either offered as an online alternative or made up later in the year

  2. Group lessons: cost £8 per lesson with a minimum of 10 lessons per term, 30 mins per lesson groups of 3-5

  3. Individual lessons: cost £10 for 20 mins. £11 for 25 mins and £12 for 30 mins per lesson with a minimum of 10 lessons per term

  4. Instrument hire is free for one term and then £15 per term thereafter

  5. Bills are usually invoiced per term and can either be paid via BACS or cheque ( no cash please). Lessons will start only once money has been received. Lessons are for a minimum of 1 term. Please give us half a term’s notice if you wish your child to stop lessons.

  6. Instruments are the parent/carer responsibility to be insured and well cared for. Any repairs to be undertaken by the teacher/workshop

  7. Students are expected to take home the instrument each week and practice ( 3 or 4 times a week) and remember to bring it back in for the lesson day.

  8. Lessons missed by a tutor due to the tutor being ill etc to be made up. Lessons missed by a student being ill or trips/tests which we AREN’T informed of will NOT be made up

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